FY 2020 appropriations riders

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General Provisions

  1. Defunding official union time.
  2. Defunding union check off.
  3. Defunding Davis-Bacon Act prevailing wage requirements.
  4. Defunding sanctuary cities.
  5. Defunding use of outside counsel in drafting of regulations.
  6. Reporting on Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act litigation.
  7. Reporting on all federal government litigation against state and local governments.
  8. Reporting on Equal Access to Justice Act payments.
  9. No contractors may be paid more than the level for a GS 15 employee.
  10. Defunding use of malware by government without a Fourth Amendment warrant.
  11. Defunding any settlement requiring defendant to make donations to any third-party group.
  12. Speech honorarium publication and limitation.
  13. Defunding the National Council of La Raza.
  14. Defunding La Clinica de La Raza.
  15. Defunding El Centro de La Raza.
  16. Defunding the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America.
  17. Defunding the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation.
  18. Defunding the Tides Foundation and any and all subsidiaries.
  19. Defunding States that Demand Nonprofit Donor Information.
  20. Defunding the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Legislative Branch

  1. GAO Report on Refugees.
  2. Defunding Office of Former Speakers.


  1. Defunding the 2008 Farm Bill expansion of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  2. Defunding funds to community groups to promote food stamps.
  3. Defunding green energy grants.
  4. No prohibition on labeling meat as grown in the United States.

Commerce, Justice, Science

  1. Eliminating agricultural subsidies worldwide.
  2. Restore U.S. oversight of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions and the Domain Name System (DNS).
  3. Zero funding the Legal Services Corporation.
  4. Defunding any lawsuits against state voter ID laws.
  5. Defunding any and all contact and coordination with the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  6. Reporting on modifications made to temperate record RE: climate change.
  7. Defunding EEOC disparate impact analysis from being used, including in any lawsuit, regulation, or report.
  8. Defunding EEOC from filing lawsuits in any case until after the agency has engaged in conciliation for at least 2 years.
  9. Defunding Operation Choke Point.
  10. Defunding civil asset forfeiture.
  11. Defunding AP, James Rosen subpoenas, indictments.
  12. Defunding NSA warrantless surveillance by the FISA Court.
  13. Defunding FISA Court rubber stamps and ink pads.
  14. DOJ funds to fully investigate IRS misconduct.
  15. Defunding defense of health care law from constitutional challenges.
  16. Releasing Lois Lerner’s emails.
  17. Releasing Eric Holder’s emails.
  18. Defunding the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and all subsidiaries.
  19. Zero funding for National Science Foundation grants for social science research.


  1. Defunding NSA warrantless surveillance.

Energy & Water

  1. Reopening Yucca Mountain.
  2. Funding Yucca Mountain.
  3. Defunding executive and any other ban on commercial nuclear reprocessing, something France has been doing for over 40 years.
  4. Reporting on how ethanol mandates are starving the Third World.
  5. Defunding to all regulations mandating disclosure of the solutions used in fracking.
  6. Defunding Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
  7. Defunding dishwasher regulation.
  8. Defunding Refrigerated Bottled or Canned Beverage Vending Machine Regulation.
  9. Defunding Ceiling Fan Light Kit Regulation.
  10. Defunding the Energy Star program.

Financial Services

  1. Defunding Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Fund or the Consumer Financial Civil Penalty Fund.
  2. Defunding any penalties assessed to the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Fund or the Consumer Financial Civil Penalty Fund.
  3. Defunding civil penalties to be directed to the Consumer Financial Civil Penalty Fund.
  4. GAO audit of any for-profit or non-profit entity that received payments from the Consumer Financial Civil Penalty Fund.
  5. Defunding 501(c)(4) political speech regulation.
  6. Defunding discriminatory actions because of religion.
  7. Turn over IRS emails no civil servants at the agency get a bonus.
  8. Reporting on federal employees delinquent in paying taxes.
  9. Defunding implementation of the employer mandate under the health care law.
  10. Defunding the $100 billion credit line, the new arrangements to borrow, to the International Monetary Fund.
  11. Defunding distribution of tax credits for wind farms.
  12. Defunding any more appropriations to GSEs for any purpose until the companies are unwound.
  13. Defunding the 2010 Dodd-Frank orderly liquidation fund.
  14. Defunding implementation of the Fairness Doctrine.
  15. Defunding IRS, FCC, SEC, FEC from issuing political speech regulations.
  16. Defunding FCC media snooping studies.
  17. Defunding any potential Federal Reserve municipal bond bailout.
  18. Directing GSA to dispose of real estate property the government isn’t using.
  19. Reporting on GSA disposal of real estate property.
  20. Restarting low-income tax preparation services.
  21. Defund IRS use of contractors in investigations.
  22. Treasury Report on Judgement Fund Disbursements.
  23. Defunding IRS civil service bonuses.

Homeland Security

  1. Defunding any and all coordination with the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  2. No more bullet bans, and instructing agency to republish 2014 ATF Regulation Guide.
  3. Defunding federal fusion centers.
  4. Defunding Surveillance Drones.
  5. Constitutional Reeducation for ATF, reminding agency of individual gun rights under the Second Amendment.
  6. Defunding West Bank Country of Origin Marking Requirements.

Interior & Environment

  1. Defunding existing power plant rule.
  2. Defunding new power plant rule.
  3. Defunding any litigation pursued under existing power plants rule.
  4. Defunding any litigation pursued under new power plants rule.
  5. Defunding the Green Climate Fund.
  6. Defunding the EPA Social Cost of Carbon assessment tool.
  7. Defunding removal of lands for energy production production purposes without reporting and energy production offsets elsewhere.
  8. Defunding EPA Carbon Endangerment Finding.
  9. Defund UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
  10. Defund Northern Spotted Owl protection under Endangered Species Act.
  11. Reporting on Northern Spotted Owl.
  12. Defunding EPA Defense on Gold King Mine Liability.
  13. Reporting on Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act lawsuits.
  14. Defunding ethanol mandate.
  15. National Park Service Plan on Priority of Closure of Parks During Government Shutdowns.
  16. National Park Service Plan and Report on Transferring Low Attended Parks to the States.
  17. Interior Department Plan and Report on Transferring 10% of Federal Lands to the States Each Year for Five Years.
  18. Defunding light bulb ban.
  19. Barring sue and settle arrangements under the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.
  20. Defund EPA activities that impose additional, extralegal requirements for approving mine permits.
  21. Defund EPA rules on burning wood.
  22. Reporting on Climate Impacts of Forest Fires.
  23. Reporting on bird deaths caused by wind power.
  24. Defund EPA litigation until report on litigation expenses published.
  25. Defunding Delta Smelt protection and all actions to divert water away from farmers in the San Joaquin delta of California under Endangered Species Act.
  26. Defunding Boiler MACT regulations.
  27. Defunding additional national monument designations.
  28. Defunding Navigable Waters Rule.
  29. Defunding Land and Water Conservation Fund Act.
  30. Defunding the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
  31. Defunding the Energy Star program.
  32. Defunding the purchase of land by the Interior Department.

Labor, HHS

  1. Defunding OFCCP disparate impact analysis.
  2. Defunding DOL Wage and Hour Regulation on Overtime.
  3. Defunding OSHA and other DOL inspections where non employees accompany inspectors.
  4. Defunding OSHA Expansion of Joint Employer Standard.
  5. Defunding OSHA Establishing Safety Committees with Union Reps in Non-Union Workplaces.
  6. Defunding Increased OSHA Fines.
  7. Reporting on job training programs.
  8. Funding the Office of Labor-Management Standards
  9. Direct Department of Labor to repromulgate T1 regulation, LM2, LM3.
  10. Defunding Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
  11. Defunding AmeriCorps.
  12. Defunding AmeriCorps Job Database.
  13. Defunding the Americorps Social Innovation Fund.
  14. Defunding the National Labor Relations Board.
  15. Defunding Illegal Immigration Executive Action Social Security Cards.
  16. Defunding NLRB rulemaking authority.
  17. Defunding NLRB change to joint employer standard.
  18. Defunding NLRB international travel.
  19. Defunding ILAB.
  20. Zero fund Susan G. Harwood grants.
  21. Defunding interagency newsletter competitions.
  22. Defunding Frances Magazine.
  23. Defunding the Obamacare patient navigator program.
  24. Defunding tax credits via state exchanges under the health care law.
  25. Defunding tax credits via the federal exchange under the health care law.
  26. Defunding implementation of the employer mandate under the health care law.
  27. Defunding Medicaid expansion under the health care law.
  28. Defunding the death panel.
  29. Defunding Department of Education “gainful employment” rule.
  30. Reporting on tuition inflation caused by student loan and financial aid programs.
  31. Defunding student loan forgiveness.
  32. Defunding interest only student loan repayment plans.
  33. Defunding NLRB ambush election regulation.
  34. Defunding NLRB litigation against states that have passed constitutional amendments on the right to a secret ballot election.
  35. Defunding Common Core.
  36. Defunding DOL-EBSA Social Investing Interpretation.
  37. Defunding Labor Department’s Proposed Definition of “Fiduciary” for Retirement Investment Advice.
  38. Funding the National Labor Relations Board.

Military/Veterans Affairs

  1. Defunding administrator bonuses at non-performing facilities.

State and Foreign Operations incl. Treasury

  1. Defunding Ex-Im Bank from regulating coal plants overseas.
  2. Defunding any Action to End Trade Embargo With Cuba.
  3. Defunding any U.S. Embassy being built in Cuba.
  4. Defunding the $100 billion credit line, the new arrangements to borrow, to the International Monetary Fund.
  5. Defunding Palestinian Authority, Iran, North Korea, and other state sponsors of terrorism.
  6. Defunding U.S. participation in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
  7. Zero-funding the East-West Center.
  8. Defunding the International Labor Organization via the Bureau of International Affairs.
  9. Defunding the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  10. Reporting on the human rights records of members of the UN Human Rights Committee.
  11. Funding paying foreign diplomat fines in U.S. jurisdictions, paid for with cuts to UN budget.
  12. Defunding OneVoice Movement organization.
  13. Defunding UN Population fund.
  14. Zero funding the United States Institute of Peace.

Transportation and HUD

  1. Defunding Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, HUD racial housing quotas.
  2. Defunding the Mass Transit Account in the Highway Trust Fund
  3. Defunding any and all implementation of the statutes that Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing derives its authority from.
  4. Preemptive reporting on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing enforcement actions.
  5. Reporting on excessive Section 8 housing.
  6. Zero fund New Starts Transit Program.