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== Latest News ==
== Latest News ==
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At the end of the bill insert the following:

Sec. [XXX]. None of the funds made available under this or any other Act, or any prior Appropriations Act may be used to collect tangible things pursuant to an order under section 501 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (50 U.S.C. 1861) if such things do not pertain to a person who is the subject of an investigation described in such section.

Latest News

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By calling for Trump impeachment for firing Comey, Amash is condoning the FISA spying abuse that led to the firing May 21, 2019

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ALG urges House to support USA Rights Act amendments to FISA reauthorization to end warrantless mass surveillance January 11, 2018

Permanent reauthorization of Section 702 of FISA ‘borders on insanity’ September 12, 2017

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Wash. Post reports content of U.S. communications ‘stored intact in NSA databases’ July 9, 2014

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Did the NSA Chief lie about the agency’s ability to spy on Americans July 11, 2013